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About Gulbahar Investment

Gulbahar Investment is a non-political, Afghan owned and operated company which was established in year 2006 in order to serve in the fields of Contracting, Construction, and Services.

Gulbahar Investment is registered with the Ministry of Commerce with valid registration number (D-32254).

Gulbahar Investment has established to take part in the rebuilding process and provide the community and population with excellent services regarding logistical, supplying of goods & shipping. Furthermore. For the last four years GULBAHAR Investment is now involved to build up a five star intercontinental hotel and with a lodging and shopping mall with the initial investment of US$ 80,000,000. (US Dollar Eighty Million).

Award and Achievement


GULBAHAR Investment has also got a market share in the distribution of gas to Afghanistan and has taken 300 shares in Afghan Cement. Now the company is going to invest another US$ 100,000,000 (US Dollar Hundred Million) in property business and also opening a new branch general trading to supply and distribute general items for Afghans people and foreigners.

We believe that honesty, quality, service with competitive prices carried out in a professional manner will always guarantee success.

GULBAHAR Investment trances to accomplish its mission in a perfect and untouchable way to show that we are best purveyor in Afghanistan entire regions.


Gulbahar Investment is a part of Gulbahar holding Group of Companies and it is a leading supplier and distributor of Cigarettes and of general items to the utility

Of the People. After 55 years of transitional growth the group is still a family business. The transitional history of the group is as follows:

The grandfather Mr. Habibullah started the business of tea distribution in 1952 with a private and personal Trade License in Afghanistan. Later on his son Mr.Haji Adro Gul took over the business in 1965 and the object of the business was changed to the dealing of spare parts instead of tea distribution.

In 1984 the government of Afghanistan (Ministry of Trade and Commerce) announced for Afghan businessmen Limited Trade License in consequence of which he (Mr. Haji Adro Gul) opened the company in the name of GULBAHAR Limited.

GULBAHAR Limited started first time the business of cigarettes in 1987 and Mr.Haji Adro Gul resign from the company and handed over the company in the hands of his four sons. In 1991 the company established GULBAHAR Group in Bulgaria in 1995 that opened manufacturing company for cigarettes (Concord Tobacco Int’l FZE) in Dubai, which is busy with CIS, Afghanistan, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Africa & Eastern Europe and other Gulf Countries.

Civil Engineer

Our Mission

Wooden Furnitures
Gulbahar Investment is established to provide and fulfill all logistical, supply, construction, transportation, procurement, requirements, for entire community in Afghanistan including but not limited to:
  •  To Provide Logistics services.

  •  Supplying of Fuel across Afghanistan.

  •  Supplying of Office requirement.

  •  Construction of Big projects.

  •  Provide Food Services.

  •  Cleaning & repairing of any type of Building.

  •  Makings of moveable houses.

  •  Supply electric equipment.

  •  Transportation of anything anywhere in Afghanistan.

  •  Leasing, buying of vehicles.

  •  Supply Spare Parts of all kind of vehicles.

  •  Supply and services of ICT equipment.

  •  Supplying of All kinds of Medicines.

  •  Supplying sports machines and fabrics.

Home Theater Room

Our country has faced too many complicated ups and downs, in the past three decades, such as security, politics, religious, ethnic problems, civil war, destruction, which resulted in the evaporate & anarchy of economic, health care, education, government, and other sector systems in the country.

Fortunately, the international community has heeded to Afghanistan and pledged to rebuild, construct and finally to stand on foot the country again with these all.

Finally, to reach the needs of every human, every needs, everywhere in our beloved country.

Our Vision


Gulbahar Investment is ready to perform any kind of construction work in any part of Afghanistan, no job is too small; to provide this service we have hired a very capable engineers and local population for any construction projects. This will help the local population financially, provide jobs and hope, which in turn brings about warm feelings and support toward us and the Coalition.

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